NSMM Introduction Meeting in Maastricht

1/4/16 - MAASTRICHT - Introduction meeting of the Netherlands School for Mitochondrial Medicine (NSMM).


On the first of April, about 40 researchers and clinicians from the mitochondrial clinical research centers of ErasmusMC, MaastrichtUMC, and Radboudumc gathered in Maastricht. The purpose of the meeting was to facilitate interaction, with the ultimate goal of integrating efforts across the three centers. The RCMM was represented by 10 members, Jan Smeitink, Chris Verhaak, Richard Rodenburg, Mirian Janssen, Rutger Vogel, Lisanne van Oppen, Saskia Koene, Imelda de Groot, Lonneke de Boer, and Maaike de Vries. 

The morning session featured introductions by the three chairs: host Prof Bert Smeets, dr René de Coo, and Prof Jan Smeitink. These introductions made clear that although the centers each have broad and unique expertise they share common goals. Next were three-minute pitches by five invited speakers from each center, 15 in total. This provided an insightful cross section of the people and topics covered by the centers.

After lunch, during the afternoon program, it became clear that the Weather Gods favored the event, as a sunny spring weather facilitated an afternoon of casual interaction during a walk throught the beautiful city of Maastricht.

The day was concluded with drinks and final words by host Prof Bert Smeets. The first steps have been made to facilitate a bottom-up approach in establishing collaborations between the three centers. Follow-up meetings will be planned soon.

Below are some pictures of the event:





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