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"I needed a specific tool for my research project but I never realised that the person to contact was my next door neighbor instead of a collaborator abroad"


Dear NCMD colleague,

One of the combined goals of the NCMD taskforces "infrastructure and diagnostic innovation" and "research strategy" is to make an inventory of research interests/projects, competences and methodologies in order to enhance group communications, exchange of materials and methods and enhance collaboration between groups within the NCMD.

To this end we wish to get an overview of projects and methods used by the various NCMD groups and develop ‘intranet’ (access only to NCMD researchers) databases for research competences & methods and at a slightly later stage also of materials, such as antibodies, gene expression vectors etc. This will also help us to make an inventory of in-house expertise and identify weaknesses in our NCMD ‘knowledge-base’.

The idea here is that it gives a (general) overview of research interests, list current projects (more specific) and finally gives an overview of methods that we often use (or have used in the past) in the laboratory or clinic (very specific) with a grading (basic/advanced/expert) to indicate the level of expertise with the various methods. It can also include particular types of instrumentation that you consider yourself expert in.

The entry form is below. It will take you 10 minutes to fill out.

Hans Spelbrink Hans Wessels
Hans Spelbrink
Hans Wessels

Many thanks for your input. 









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