The Mitochondrial Disease Awareness week

22/9/16 - The Dutch edition of the Global Mitochondrial Disease Awareness Week is in full swing

The third week of September (18-24) annually features the global Mitochondrial Disease Awareness Week; a week during which awareness is raised for mitochondrial disorders. Unfortunately, the general public is mostly unaware of mitochondrial disorders. Through media coverage of various events during this week we hope to raise awareness and support for developing a cure.

Green ribbon-300x300

The “Green Ribbon” is the global icon for this disorder. Various objects around the globe, including in the Netherlands, will literally be put in the green spotlight. This year we will do this in Nijmegen, as it hosts the national reference center for mitochondrial disorders, the Radboud Center for Mitochondrial Medicine. At least two objects will be highlighted: the fountain at the Takenhofplein and Huize Heyendael at the Radboud University Medical Center.


Picture: RCMM staff supporting the awareness week by wearing their green ribbon

We will conclude the week with the National Patient Information day on Saturday September 24 at the Radboud Auditorium. This year’s edition features a varied informative morning session including news about medicinal drug development and a visit to the laboratories. As in previous editions the Radboud Auditorium will be almost fully booked!

The Dutch Mitochondrial Disease Awareness Week is an initiative of the Patient Advisory Board of the Radboud Center for Mitochondrial Medicine.

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