New clinical scale for mitochondrial disease

13/6/16 - New clinical scale to measure general disease severity in children with mitochondrial disease

The first article on the International Paediatric Mitochondrial Disease Scale (IPMDS), a multi-dimensional scale rating clinically relevant aspects of mitochondrial disease in children, developed by the RCMM team is now online. The IPMDS was developed during a Delphi-based process by an international expert team in close dialogue with patients and their parents. The scale was designed to reflect general mitochondrial disease severity and scores the wide variability in symptoms and (dis)abilities seen in children with mitochondrial disease. The first study, performed in five international expert centres, showed good feasibility and an acceptable construct validity and reliability. We are currently further substantiating the scale.

Read more about the IPMDS on the corresponding page on this website.

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